Introducing AG Inspect

Next-Level Automotive Technology for Uncompromising Quality Assurance

What Is AG Inspect?

AG Inspect is a cutting-edge automotive technology that revolutionizes the way quality assurance is carried out in the industry. It combines state-of-the-art artificial intelligence with advanced visual analysis, delivering an unmatched inspection solution.
With AG Inspect, professionals can harness the power of AI to perform meticulous inspections.

Our web-based Mobile App also allows non-professionals to conduct AI-enabled inspections remotely. The app offers a 360 walkaround scanning feature, assisted by AI to ensure full angle capture and exceptional quality. It automatically captures damages shown to the camera with the ability to ‘zoom-in,’ as well as license plates and Vehicle IDs. Scanning events are saved on both the app and the Eye portal, while minimizing data usage and bandwidth. AG Inspect also contains seamless integration capabilities, easily integrating into most fleet, claims, and remarketing platforms.
This comprehensive solution ensures that quality inspections are efficient, accurate, and accessible!

How Does It Work?

AG Inspect, powered by cutting-edge machine learning and computer vision technology, transforms your mobile phone camera into advanced vehicle inspection devices. Leveraging the latest advancements in artificial intelligence, AG Inspect enables in-depth examination of automotive components and systems. By utilizing innovative algorithms and deep learning capabilities, AG Inspect swiftly detects defects, anomalies, and potential issues that could easily go unnoticed. This helps automotive professionals to identify problems early on, ensuring superior quality control throughout the production process.

AG Inspect’s comprehensive suite of tools can be customized and combined to create the perfect inspection and reporting flow, whether it’s rentals, off-lease remarketing, vehicle logistics and transport, insurance claims, or collision repair assessments. AG Inspect is poised to streamline transactions and deliver exceptional inspection outcomes for a wide range of automotive applications.


Key Features of AG Inspect:

Ravin Eye

Ravin Eye, the web dashboard offering a comprehensive platform for reviewing vehicle parts and potential damage from multiple angles, ensuring a thorough final inspection report. It seamlessly integrates with the mobile Inspect app, providing flexibility in capturing inspection data.

With Ravin Eye, users can:

Who Benefits from AG Inspect:

AG Inspect is a game-changer for automotive manufacturers, suppliers, and service providers who strive for uncompromising quality and efficiency. Whether you are a small-scale operation or an industry giant, AG Inspect offers a range of benefits that can enhance your business


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Take an in-depth look into how AG Inspect revolutionizes quality assurance in the automotive industry. Whether you’re a manufacturer, supplier, or service provider, this brochure highlights the key features, benefits, and technical specifications of AG Inspect.

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